Jullaaha - a weaver, is the brainchild of Jayadevi Cholayil, who is a part of the prestigious Cholayil family and spearheads their Research & Development center. The idea of initiating a line of clothing with traditional Indian techniques and Natural Dyes and Fabrics was seeded during her fashion education at NIFT. A sense of Corporate Social Responsibility seeped into her when she started meeting the artisans to shape her dreams - Jullaaha.

The ingenious line of clothing and handicraft products is an attempt to revive lost Indian techniques like Batik, Kalamkari and fine needle work. A work that is deep rooted in tradition but modern in its appeal. Jullaaha has a long list of clients, not just in India but in other countries as well. What makes the products really exclusive is the fact that they are all handcrafted by destitute and mentally challenged women, who had no source of income and purpose in life. As a CSR initiative, Jullaaha takes all such women under their wings, train them at their design studio - The Banyan and absorb them with regular remuneration.

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